2500 City West Blvd #300 Houston, TX 77042

PH: 877-537-1599
FAX: 281-537-1310

The Mission

Welcome to LoneStar On-Site Care, LLC. We’re an innovative organization working with dedicated professionals who deliver quality health and dental care on-site at long term care facilities.

We have built relationships with independent optometry and podiatry practices that are committed to providing dignified, on-site services to your loved one – services that impact your loved one’s quality of life.

The clinicians and technicians are all local professionals dedicated to working with the elderly and providing essential care. Their commitment to this goal is reflected at the deepest level of their practice. Each clinician works exclusively with the same nursing home residents..... seeing them time and again. In addition, each clinician is supported by portable technologies that enable him or her to diagnose and treat your loved one in a specially designated treatment area right within the long-term care facility.